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An email marketing strategy starts with the understanding that it outperforms strategies like SEOPPC and content marketing. Consequently, our efforts are focussed on delivering the optimum results through an email campaign. Our strategy broadly follows 5-steps:

  • Treat the email list as an asset, and all our efforts are based around that list.
  • Choose an email automation tool that caters to the needs & budget of a brand
  • Craft personalised & professional messages to get maximum click-open rates
  • Go through the post-campaign analytics data to look for emerging trends
  • Use the performance reports to improve the campaign next time aroun
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Email remains relevant as ever for every digital marketing campaign with close to 4 billion email users sending out & receiving an estimated 306 billion emails every day. Email continues to be the preferred form of communication among people world over, making Email marketing an inevitable means for business outreach & Corporate Branding.


We provide bulk email marketing service in Calicut, Kerala. As the email marketing services agency,we understand the importance of email marketing for brands and continue to advocate our customers to trust it as their preffered direct marketing channel. We have specialised team for ecommerce email marketing promotion.

What are the benefits of Email Marketing?

  • Builds healthy traffic to your website.
  • Cost effective when compared with other means
  • Impact & effectiveness can be easily measured
  • People still prefer email for marketing communications
  • Target customers based on interests through list segmentation
  • Build credibility among customers with useful & informative content.

What makes Email Marketing work?

People generally want to stay updated about brands they admire. Email marketing is one of the direct means to stay engaged with that audience. When used effectively, it stands to increase trust among your customers and help brands find repeat customers. A favoured brand needs to consistently send messages on the latest in sales and promotions for conversions.

Anywhere Access/Personal Touch

Access to email is no longer restricted to a desktop. Technology improvements have made it possible for emails to be accessed through Smartphones. This only means that you can reach people wherever they are for improved visibility and reach.


One of the great advantages of email is customization. You can personalize a message to reach a specific segment of an audience. The message plays out as if you are directly speaking to them, improving the chances of a positive response.